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I imagine our world overflowing with magical beauty. In an attempt to explore this, I create mosaic art. But beauty in the world is not something that can be tried hastily and is so much like creating mosaic art. Making mosaic art takes time. In my process, I take photographs, lots of photographs and those snapshots become my reference, inspiration and my photographic-models for the next steps in creating mosaic art. I create two paintings. One, will be a value painting the other a full color rendering of my future hand-nipped mosaic. My background in painting and the tactile playfulness of being a potter lead these two mediums to marry and from that my mosaic art is born. I knew my life changed with the first nip of glass. With always having an open door for using spontaneous and unexpected colors, my work is an instinctual exploration of expressing emotion with color in realism, where contemporary mosaic details spring to life as a part of the process. Each mosaic is a fresh attempt at bringing new magic into the world, and the ranges of color in stained glass only adds to the serendipity.


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Carol Soritz-Shelkin
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Carol Shelkin

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