Rise'    Glass on Glass 


(including: landscape, still life and portraiture) 

Length: Weekend or weeklong workshop.
Level: All levels

In this workshop you will be guided through the process of understanding realism in mosaic art with a short lecture, demonstrations, instructions using curved and flat planes, shadows, value, composition and design, color choosing and understanding artists' tricks for creating a work of art in mosaic.  All students will begin a mosaic with these new techniques of understanding professional artist techniques, “rules’ about design and color choices, remembering once you know the rules – break them - if you like. Anything goes!  You will be introduced to the shades, gradations and many colors and values of hand-nipped stained glass, understand how to prepare your work for a realistic mosaic and learn how to “paint with glass” creating a piece for interior display.  In this workshop students will use non-traditional mosaic andamento to understand contemporary mosaic in realism.
Mosaic is unique to all students and the goal in this workshop is to direct and assist each student develop and to polish and find their own style. You will learn how to develop an eye for mosaic and create a line drawing with easy to follow steps. There will be a PowerPoint presentation and Photographic models will be supplied, unless you are a returning student and would like to bring in your own selection. IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT, please contact Carol for approval of your photographic model.

Other chats will include:  presenting your work to gallery owners, exhibitions, building a resume, pricing, photographing your mosaic art, proper adhesives, tools and materials for interior display.  

The group and one-to-one lessons taught and instructions given will last you long after the workshop is over. No question will be left unanswered, so bring questions! This workshop is designed to take the student to the next level.

Light, Dark, Value Tone Workshop

Tempered Glass Workshop

Student Work

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Length: 1 or 2 Days
Level: All levels

No fail workshop! Learn how to create glittering art by mixing collage with mosaic techniques using "Tempered Glass", also known as safety glass and crash glass. Tempered glass may be used to create beautiful art as well as architectural installations. Instruction will be given for both interior installations and exterior installations to develop a jewel-like surface.  A PowerPoint presentation showing examples of some of the finest works in 3D and 2D Tempered Glass will be shown. Lots of one-to-one time is offered along with group discussions.

You will begin a mosaic pieces using an overlaying technique with metallic papers, tissue, foils, glitter, Mylar and more.  Each student is encouraged to bring a variety of small paper images, photos or text to include in their mosaic. This is the perfect medium to permanently incorporate printed imagery and have your treasures underneath revealed through the glass.

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Length: 3 Hours
Level: All levels

Instant gratification! You will create one or two unique, mosaic jewelry pieces choosing from our well-appointed catalog of Millefiori, gems, beads, dichroic glass, stained glass, smalti - an overabundance of embellishments from our stock to create a mini-mosaic to wear. In this workshop you’ll create the kind of mosaic jewelry offered in magazines and jewelry stores. This is an enjoyable and fun opportunity to create something unique and special for yourself or a gift. Bring a friend! Girls ( or guys) night out!

Email me to purchase a mosaic, host a workshop or chat about a commission.
Carol Soritz-Shelkin
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Sarah    3D Mosaic Shoe

Roberta   Mosaic Class

Sarah  Mosaic Class

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Length: A unique weekend or weeklong workshop.

Level: All levels

This workshop is focused on students who are looking for direction with any mosaic project they'd like to begin or just can't finish. All students are welcome to bring unfinished works from previous classes. Learn to use traditional and non-traditional mosaic and fine art techniques to understand  structure, cross contour, highlights, color gradation, color wheel, value, composition, vanishing points and much more. 

You will continue to have exercises and learn to mix glass values, understand movement and color to clarify your understanding  on realistic or abstract renderings and learn how to create most effectively with professional artists tricks.  You will learn how to critique your own work, trust yourself and make decisions in your process of creating. There will be  group and one-to-one discussions to encourage your artistic journey. A private critique will help you define your vision for your work. Whether you want to try something new, jump start your creative side or just take your work to the next level, this workshop is for you.

Susan Mosaic Class

Karma     Realism

Janis  Portrait Workshop

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