"When I was young my crayons were in rainbow order. 

For as long as I can remember art has been a part of me. Like many artists, I’ve dabbled in many mediums. I have found mosaics, combining all my artistic experiences. I have been told I'm 'painting with glass'.

When I work with glass creating mosaic art, I sense a harmony and familiarity form my youth.

My glass is in rainbow order. 


Carol Shelkin creates fine art mosaics for galleries, architectural installations, private residents and community projects including weeklong and weekend workshops worldwide. Contact: carol.shelkin@Yahoo.com


Mosaic Art Workshops
All Levels

 Folsom/Swarthmore, PA Schoolhouse Center   All Levels ~ Thursdays 2-5pm & 6-9pm
Haverford, PA Main Line Art Center   3D Mosaic Shoes // Tempered Glass
Narberth, PA Sweet Mable June 6 & 7 Tempered Glass  
Nationwide | Worldwide Workshops | Mosaic Art Retreats


April 18 -19                                       Warner Stained Glass Allentown, Pa Realism in Mosaic: and Portraiture Contact: Jacki

April 24 | April 25 – 26                     Delphi Stained Glass Lansing, MI Mosaic Jewelry | FULL Realism in Mosaic | FULL

May 12 - 14                                       Germany Workshop in Mosaic Portraiture & Realism Contact: Kathi June 6 - 7 Sweet Mable Gallery | Narberth, PA Tempered Glass Mosaic Contact: Tracy

June 27 & 28                                    Institute of Mosaic Art, Berkeley, CA Realism in Mosaic including Portraits Contact: Ilsa

Sept 9 & 10                                       Santa Barbara School of Mosaic | Santa Barbara, CA Light, Dark, Value, Tone: Realism in Mosaic Contact: Tami

Oct 4 – 17                                         Paris & Provence Mosaic Art Retreat with Carol & Pam

Nov. 1 - 9 Bermuda, Private Studio (10 students) Realism in Mosaic Art Including Portraits Contact: Donna Nov. 28 & 29 Phoenix, AZ Mosaic Guys Light, Dark, Value, Tone: Realism in Mosaic Contact: David
Dec. 5 & 6                                         Tucson, AZ
Mosaic Guys Realism Using Stained Glass Including Portraits Contact: David


Jan 31 - Feb 6 Puerto Vallarta, MX Using Clay & Glass in Mosaic Art - Hacienda Mosaico Contact: SAM

April1 | April 2 & 3                            Ashville, NC Jewelry Workshop | Realism including Portraiture, Contact: Linda

May 10 – 20                                      Venice, Ravenna & Spillimbergo Mosaic Art Retreat with Pam & Carol

June 25 – 26 Pacific Northwest Art School | Whidbey Island Light, Dark, Value, Tone: Realism in Stained Glass Register Costa Rica Jan 2016       Mosaic Art Retreat with Pam & Carol TBD Greece 2016               Mosaic Art Retreat with Pam & Carol TBD Barcelona 2016               Mosaic Art Retreat with Pam & Carol TBD

Workshop Descriptions

Call or email me to purchase a mosaic, offer a workshop or chat about a commission.

Carol Soritz-Shelkin

All artwork is Copyright © 
by Carol Shelkin. 
Do not duplicate without my permission.

Into the Light

All Good News...

~ The Society of American Mosaic Artists Annual Convention is in Philly! March 11 - 15, 2015
For more information: HERE
((Save that date))

~ Artist Retreat Workshops are taking off with plans to: Costa Rica, Spain, Morocco, France, Greece, Amsterdam, Germany and many other locations!  Look!

~ I'm excited to announce that I've been invited to be a Presenter at the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand. (MAANZ) 

~ I'm honored to have an invitational to be included in the Signatures mosaic exhibition in Cape Cod.  

~ My work has been selected to be in a exhibition in Italy! The International Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaic Art will be held in the Clauiano Art Exhibition Gallery in Trivignano,  Udine, Italy

~ I am honored to be  the recipient of the 

Robin Brett Mosaic Scholarship from The Society of Mosaic Artists.   

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